Space freight

                                              Space transportation

                                                  China's aerospace industry has always been the cutting-edge of one country's science and technology - especially in China, the aerospace industry supported by the whole country is one of the few high-tech industries that have reached or even surpassed the level of Western technology. Today, Amazon's UAV delivery will become a reality, it is the most feasible solution to open the door of high-tech logistics industry with the technical force of space base. 


                                                  In this scope, our company and the top international companies have made a profound discussion on the local operation process around the aerospace point. At present, the aerospace industry is in the stage of development and exploration, involving a lot of liquid and dangerous goods transportation within the scope of chemical materials, which requires the support of the authoritative reach / GHS / ECHA and other professional technical certification. Our company has made a large area and heavy investment in this area, and faces challenges and opportunities in the future development. We are confident to become stronger and bigger in our major and contribute to the aerospace industry.

                                              Space transportation 
                                              Shipment of cold and fresh goods, medicines and other special goods:
                                              1. Determine flight time and class
                                              2. Relevant documents of consignment
                                              3. Relevant outer packaging conforming to air transportation
                                              4. After the air waybill is issued, the customer service will immediately inform the relevant personnel of the destination airport of the cargo information (No., flight No., number of packages, weight, product name, etc.), and under normal circumstances, the cargo can be picked up within one and a half hours after the aircraft lands.

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