Freezer business


                                              Our freezer agent enjoys a high reputation at the port. Our company has many years of experience in freezer agent and excellent professional freezer temperature control operators, who can provide you with one-stop reliable services of booking, land transportation (temperature control), customs declaration and inspection, so that the agricultural products and frozen poultry products transported to Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea can arrive "with quality" and "without worry".



                                              We are the agent of garlic, onion, potato, fruit, frozen chicken, frozen meat and other products, customers have given a high degree of affirmation and strong cooperation with our company.

                                              Due to years of market operation, we have established a solid relationship with many shipping companies at the port. COSCO, SITC and other companies have long-term price and position contracts with us.


                                              Lianyungang city far-famed international cargo agebnt Co.,Ltd.