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                                                  The container is a stainless steel pressure vessel installed in the fastening external frame. The inner tank is made of 316L stainless steel, and the outer frame is standard 20 foot container size (20'x8'x8.6 '). It is suitable for domestic and international road, rail, water transportation and multimodal transportation. All container tanks operated by our company have steam heating device and thermal insulation layer. Suitable for transportation of food and chemicals. The optional container type is T4, T11, T14; the capacity is 21-26m3.

                                                  Far-famed provides customers with international door-to-door bulk liquid multimodal transport services through alliance with well-known international container companies and domestic excellent dangerous goods fleets with its diversified container companies. Far-fame is especially good at handling all kinds of difficult and special liquid chemicals, including IMDG dangerous goods, for international and domestic transportation.

                                                  Advantages of container: (1) cost reduction: a 20 foot standard container can hold 45% more liquid cargo than a 20 foot standard container full of round barrels. (2) Simplify the loading and unloading process: there will be no expensive and time-consuming process of small barrel flushing, and there will be no cost for the purchase, operation and waste treatment of round barrels. (3) Increase safety: ISO tank transportation is recognized as the safest mode of chemical transportation, which is unique without leakage and risk-taking means of transportation. (4) More conducive to environmental protection: relevant laws have been issued in Europe, America and other countries, requiring ISO tank transportation for specific goods

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