Operation process

                                              Operation process

                                              Dangerous goods operation process of our company

                                              First, booking space.

                                              Fax the following 3 documents to our company 7 working days in advance, fax: 0518-82306656

                                              1. Sea consignment;

                                              2. Identification result sheet of dangerous goods packaging use;

                                              3. Technical specification for packing dangerous goods;

                                              4、 Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS)

                                              Note 1: the name, type, class No., UN No., packing and special requirements of the goods in Chinese and English shall be indicated on the consignment to facilitate the application for space and declaration of dangerous goods;

                                              Note 2: if transshipment is involved, it is necessary to confirm with the shipping company whether there are restrictions on the transshipment port;

                                              2、 Provide application materials

                                              5 working days in advance (4 working days in advance for non imported barrels):

                                              1. Dangerous goods packaging use appraisal result sheet, note: different product names should correspond one by one;

                                              2. Technical specification for packing dangerous goods;

                                              Note 1: according to the above documents, and according to the correct data, product name and box type, wait until the maritime bureau makes cargo declaration, and then send the cargo declaration form and packing certificate to the shipping company for ship declaration.

                                              Note 2: for the recycling shipping barrels, it is necessary to apply for temporary import and export before the cargo declaration, provide the use description (why the imported barrels are used), provide the class category and UN number of the cargo, and ensure the quantity and gross weight are correct. The shipper company shall stamp the official seal to apply to the maritime bureau.

                                              3、 Provide customs declaration information

                                              3 days in advance to provide the original of relevant materials of export customs declaration:

                                              1. Write off sheet;

                                              2. Invoices;

                                              3. Packing list;

                                              4. Customs declaration commission form;

                                              5. Export declaration form;

                                              6. Description of the goods (the shipper shall introduce the purpose and characteristics of the goods in writing);

                                              Note 1: according to the above documents, and according to the cargo declaration form, box seal number, etc.

                                              Note 2: for the handling of temporary import and export, in addition to the above documents, a description of the temporary import and export goods shall also be provided, and if there is a deposit receipt, it shall also be provided.

                                              4、 Packing in port:

                                              As the dangerous goods are directly loaded alongside the ship, they are usually packed three days before the ship leaves  ? _ (? ? @ ? oods warehouse for loading. The consignor shall deliver the goods to the dangerous goods warehouse designated by the freight forwarding company within 3 days before the departure of the ship;

                                              2. When packing at the factory, the consignor shall prepare the goods in advance. After the goods are packed, they must be labeled with a dangerous label around the container. If the leakage of the loaded goods will cause pollution to the ocean, they shall also be labeled with a Shanghai ocean pollution mark and photographed for evidence;

                                              Note 1: vehicles with dangerous goods transportation qualification must be used for trailer or interior loading of dangerous goods,

                                              Note 2: the deadline for cargo declaration is 48 hours before departure, so it is necessary to put forward the box before this time.

                                              Note 3: if the box seal number is to be provided at the same time of the goods declaration, the box must be presented before this time.

                                              5、 B / L confirmation will be provided to the shipper for confirmation before shipment.

                                              6、 Timely issue B / L to consignor after shipment

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